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“My new line of Guerin putters is the highest level of everything I know about quality, technology and performance. Your putter is the most important club in your bag. It should be the best.” - Guerin Rife

Guerin Rife has been designing putters for 20 years starting with the very first cavity mallet which he patented in the early 90’s. Best known for creating the famous TwoBar putter, he has designed over 40 putter models used to win over 100 tournaments worldwide on all professional tours. He is also the inventor of face groove technology and founded the Rife Putter Company in 2000. Mr. Rife has now introduced his first super-premium line of putters under his first name Guerin Putters. They incorporate three new performance-enhancing technologies. His new Guerin line is manufactured in very limited quantities and maintain the highest standards for custom milled putters. While other companies make one putter for PGA Tour players and sell a cheaper mass-produced putter to the golf consumer, anyone owning a Guerin Design putter will have the very same putter used by the best players in the world to earn their living.

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